Slurries & Tailings

Slurries & Tailings

Slurry and Tailings Solutions For Mining

Slurry and tailings systems require high-performing products designed to reduce downtime and optimize throughput.


Victaulic system solutions for slurry transport are engineered to extend the life of the system, with products that stand up to harsh, corrosive media and challenging environments. With mechanical pipe joining solutions that can be lined to meet your specifications, and visual assurance that every pipe joint is properly assembled, Victaulic works to maximize your productivity and mitigate your risk.


From innovative valves designed for in-line service to fittings built to hold up to the abrasive nature of these systems, Victaulic solutions for slurry transport:

  • improve cost certainty
  • mitigate risk
  • reduce maintenance downtime by up to 95%


Victaulic’s mechanical pipe joining solutions slurries can be lined and coated to meet your project specifications, with the visual assurance that every pipe joint is properly assembled.


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