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Victaulic Solutions for Healthcare


A commitment to safety, longevity, sustainability, and reduced downtime

Put patient comfort first. Driven by modernization, changes in technology, and population, the healthcare market is ever-evolving. Whether new construction or retrofitting and modernizing an older facility, Victaulic works to deliver operational and performance excellence, while keeping staff and patient comfort and safety our primary goal. We partner with you to bring your project online faster, minimize disruptions and provide you with long-lasting, sustainable solutions for your HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection system.

For you this means:

  • Faster commissioning
  • Ease of future system expansion
  • Staying operational
  • Patient comfort
  • Seguridad

Victaulic is your healthcare business partner that brings efficiency and reliability into your assisted living, ambulatory care, hospital, or patient tower projects and enables you to build them for the future with patient comfort in the spotlight.

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Victaulic Solutions for Assisted Living Facilities

We know that finding a balance between delivering care efficacy and comfort is the key to successful assisted living projects. That is why we work to ensure downtime is minimized and safety risks are reduced during new builds and retrofits.




Victaulic Solutions for Ambulatory Care

Just like outpatient facilities are embracing Lean design to improve patient throughput and optimize staff time, Victaulic also embraces Lean methods to maximize efficiency in design, construction, and operations for ambulatory care projects.




Victaulic Solutions for Hospitals

Changing demographics and rapid developments in technology set the expectations for state-of-the-art hospital construction or refurbishments. Victaulic solutions for hospitals provide you with compressed schedules, easy expansion, minimal disruptions, and safety of material, staff, and patients.


Victaulic Solutions for Patient Towers

Limited available construction space pushes the boundaries of the healthcare industry towards the sky. Victaulic solutions for patient towers help to overcome high-rise challenges while providing reliability and durability.



  • Compress your schedule
  • Install up to 10 times faster
  • Smaller crew size onsite
  • Control costs
  • Prefabrication and BIM capabilities


  • Easily adaptable systems
  • Reduced onsite clutter
  • Reduced downtime due to easy system access
  • Keep your systems active during refurbishment
  • No fumes released
  • Grooved technology lends itself to prefabrication


  • No risk of fire nor hazardous fumes
  • No fire alarm coordination required
  • Fewer man-hours on the job
  • Cleaner workspace than with welding
  • Unique solutions for fire protection


  • No fumes or particulates released during installation
  • Product made from 90 percent recycled material
  • Couplings last the life of the building and are recyclable
  • Lean, responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes

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