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Regardless of the delivery methodology or stage of a project, Victaulic is designed to be your TOTAL INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS PROJECT PARTNER. Victaulic provides services that make your projects successful. Our experienced team of industry engineers will provide value engineering early in the project through best practice design and construction methodologies and technologies. Our wide variety of services can positively impact every aspect of your project and work as an extension of your team, regardless of the delivery method.  This will result in risk mitigation that will provide certainty to your project schedule and budget, and ultimately result in savings in time, labor, and costs.

Known for being the world leader of innovative joining technology, construction methodologies, and quality manufacturing of safe, sustainable, reliable, and efficient system solutions, Victaulic can support your project goals and requirements. From project conception through ongoing maintenance and expansion, Victaulic will work as an extension of your team to provide you with value through integrated services and solutions.

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Virtual Design & Construction

Today’s Infrastructure piping systems require precision from the start. Whether it is tailored drawing packages, 3D CAD content, estimating analysis, modularity efficiency review, fabrication facility productivity review, or specialized training, the Victaulic Virtual Design & Construction team is designed to support your needs by delivering value to your projects.

The Victaulic Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Team provides a collaborative experience with virtual facility models, transparent project drawings, and regular project update meetings for continuous communication and your proactive involvement throughout the preconstruction process. Models are created in a 3D environment for effortless visualization, and real-time changes are easily made throughout the preconstruction phase.

Victaulic embraces technology at all stages of construction. From the use of 3D scanning to initiate a project, through visualizing a project with virtual reality technology.  Victaulic VDC brings you best-in-class workflows with the most up-to-date technology and software on the market to help you drive value, efficiency, certainty to improve your bottom line.

From the time our in-house VDC modeling team receives your project, through onsite product delivery, your dedicated team at Victaulic works to provide you with the highest quality service and support. Victaulic provides world-class training on piping best practices, software, and modeling solutions to contractors and engineers around the world.

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Benefits to YOUR Infrastructure Projects

  • Exact estimations with retrofit work and scanning
  • Optimize for the economy of fittings and joints
  • Maximize labor efficiencies, while minimizing field joints
  • Show exact fit within the space
  • Modularity efficiency
  • Confidence in complete Bill of Material
  • Create simple spool maps to guide installation
  • Estimating Solutions (including total project cost analysis, installed cost comparison)
  • Provide complete 3D CAD package

Piping Movement Design

In order to reduce risk and simplify installations, infrastructure piping systems must be looked at as a “whole,” not as simply individual “components.” Victaulic’s Piping Movement Design group works to provide infrastructure project stakeholders with value engineering and certainty in the design of their piping systems.

The Victaulic Piping Movement Design group provides clients with an optimized and sound design utilizing mechanical grooved technology within their piping systems and piping layouts. This group specializes in improving the designs of piping systems in their entirety, through the use of Victaulic’s solutions.

By engaging with the Victaulic Piping Movement Design group from the start of your project, our team of experts looks at the layout and design of your entire piping system to provide you with value engineered reliable solutions. By looking at the system as a whole, the Piping Movement Design group provides solutions that today’s infrastructure projects require, such as accommodating movement, analyzing stresses, meeting code requirements, support and anchor placement, identifying and rectifying potential challenges or obstacles. Our services can also include the review and PE stamp of the enhanced design.

Victaulic works as an extension of your team. Our design engineers will simplify the design of your system resulting in a value engineered project with risk reduction and increased certainty. We pride ourselves on working with you to deliver value to all of your infrastructure piping systems and needs.

Benefits to YOUR Infrastructure Projects

  • Reduced Risk
  • Provide Certainty
  • Improved Construction Methodologies
  • Value Engineering


For today’s Infrastructure projects, contractors must deliver faster, reduce their costs, increase their margins, maximize the use of resources… all while maintaining a high standard of quality. Victaulic Fabrication helps contractors exceed their project goals by focusing on material and logistics managing focusing on LEAN principles, optimizing truckload count scheduled deliveries of prequalified fabrication pieces, and adding value at every stage of a project.

Our value service focuses on material and logistics management based on LEAN principles. LEAN principles are applied to the shipping with four times more materials being loaded per truck.

The build strategy fits in with your objectives and links seamlessly to your project management. Throughout the globe, we are equipped to handle metallic and non-metallic pipe materials (steel, stainless steel, HDPE, CPVC), including coated and lined systems. Every joint assembled is traceable to its point of origin within our manufacturing facilities. Additionally, every joint is verified for proper installation prior to shipment. This provides you with unmatched reliability and assurance that every spool is properly assembled and qualified before it is shipped to site.

The timing of the Victaulic spools to the jobsite mates precisely to your build strategy and delivery date. Materials arrive clearly marked, coordinating with your spool map exactly, and can be fit together like an erector set. Your Victaulic build strategy will result in significantly fewer joints to be assembled in the field. Detailed spool maps are provided for assembly and enable up to 80% faster field installation.

Benefits to YOUR Infrastructure Projects

  • Reduction of risk and liability
  • Save coordination time
  • Save time and storage
  • Mayor certeza
  • Reduced jobsite labor costs