What Is an Engineer?

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What Is an Engineer?

Posted on January 24, 2020

Learn What Engineers Do at Victaulic

As the cost of education continues to rise, making the right career choice becomes increasingly more important.  Do you want to become a mechanical engineer? Do you know how much it costs to earn a degree? Before making the investment in a degree program, would you like to understand if you might enjoy engineering? We can help.

What is Exploring?

Exploring programs bring together students who want to better understand a career path and organizations in the community who possess the resources to show them.  At Victaulic, students meet twice per month over the course of the school year to participate in engineering challenges run by professional engineers. If you’re asking, “What is an engineer?” an exploring post can help you discover engineering by connecting you with professionals in that field for an up-close view.

Civil Engineering Challenge

Can I Learn Civil Engineering?

Volunteers from Victaulic prepare an exercise each week that explores one of the many facets of engineering. Aeronautical engineers from our fire protection group design and build self-propelled vehicles.  Civil engineers demonstrate the strength of a triangle by exploring truss bridge designs and build examples from balsa wood. Chemical engineers bring together household chemicals to demonstrate a variety of reactions. Students roll up their sleeves and learn the process of trial-and-error.  Although the subject changes each week two things are certain; students who participate gain first-hand experience from practicing professionals, and they have FUN.


Sharing Our Passion

As an organization that develops innovative solutions, Victaulic is honored to share What an Engineer Is with our neighbors in the community. Engineers design, build, innovate, and most importantly, engineers have fun!

If you are a high school student in the Lehigh Valley figuring out what you want to do, or if you know someone who is, let us know using the below form and we’ll send an invitation for our next program year.  Explore engineering with Victaulic!



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