FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings: Behind the Innovation

Victaulic Firelock Style-177N

FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings: Behind the Innovation

Posted on February 15, 2016

The most innovative change to fire protection fittings since Victaulic originated the grooved concept is here! Introducing the new FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings. Designed for fire protection systems, this new technology requires less fasteners, resulting in faster, simpler installation and maintenance while keeping the jobsite safer and more efficient. Check out part one of our Q&A with director of couplings and fire suppression systems, Susan Schierwagen, about this technology that is set to revolutionize the fire protection industry.

Why did Victaulic decide to put time and resources into developing the new FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings?

We have spent the last 10 years innovating on the coupling side of the business with our unique Installation-Ready™ technology, which allows customers to not have to disassemble the product in order to install it. We wanted to be able to take a look at how we can incorporate that same innovation into a fitting to give the contractor additional time and labor savings as well as allow them to more easily manage their inventory on the jobsite, and have all the other benefits of Installation-Ready™ technology at their fingertips. This is particularly important with small fitting sizes where it’s very manageable to handle a single fitting versus three or four components. So in short, we wanted to take Installation-Ready to the next level and put the proper resources in place in order to do so.


What are the advantages of the FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings over the competitors such as threading and traditional grooving?

The major advantage is going to be the time-savings benefit the product offers contractors. There is also no mess at the jobsite, and it eliminates all of the double wrench work that contractors have to do to tighten threaded fittings. This Installation-Ready™ technology also eliminates loose parts common with traditional couplings and fittings, eliminates the need to lubricate the gasket and keeps the contractor from traveling up and down the ladder multiple times for one installation. We did studies on the comparison between the different products that you can see here.


How does this affect maintenance?

Desde la perspectiva del mantenimiento, este producto es fácil de retirar. Retire los segmentos de la conexión y la empaquetadura es muy similar a una conexión flexible –saldrá muy fácilmente del sistema y de la misma manera puede reinsertarse en él. Coloque una empaquetadura nueva, sitúela entre 2 o 3 piezas de tubería, ponga los segmentos sobre ella y apriétela.


¿Cuáles son las ventajas de tener dimensiones de retiro más pequeñas?

Today the ceiling spaces in construction jobsites are more and more crowded so smaller take-out dimensions will take up less space and allow the contractor to do tighter turns which is important as fire protection contractors are typically not the first on the jobsite and often have to work around other trades’ work.


Have you been testing the new FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings in the field and if so, what has the initial reaction been at the jobsites?

Esta tecnología se ha usado en el campo en los últimos 8-10 meses y la reacción, de manera transversal, ha sido muy positiva. La pregunta más común ha sido “¿en cuánto tiempo puedo recibir este producto?” Y la respuesta es “la instalación nunca ha sido tan fácil como ahora”. Una excelente percepción y reacción de nuestros clientes nos asegura que estamos llevando al mercado algo nuevo e innovador que va a facilitarles el trabajo.


To learn more about the new FireLock™ Installation-Ready™ Fittings or to request a demo visit And stay tuned for more of our Q&A with Susan in Part Two: Innovation Impact on the Fire Protection Industry, coming soon!

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